ISO 30000:2009-Ships and marine technology - Ship recycling management systems




This certificate can be obtained by any ship recycling facility which intend to focus on the environment friendly recycling management system. The policies stated in this management system highlights the procedures which adhere to domestic and international standards complying with health, safety, welfare Social Amenities and Environmental requirements- as per IMO Convention/ISO 3000:2009. It is important to understand that ISO 30000:2009 deals with the entire process which includes several steps. The focus of this certification is environment protection therefore it includes all the aspects of recycling process. It ensures that the waste is also taken care of as per the required standards. This certification helps in the promotion of business and the certified organization can expect easy clearance from the authorities.

Some of the key benefits of ISO 30000:2009 are:

  • It increases trust among business partners, community and regulatory agencies as they get convinced that the organization possess safe and environment friendly ship recycling facilities
  • It helps in building good image of the organization
  • It promotes healthy competition resulting in better results
  • It reduces risk of work accidents
  • It gives more opportunities to work in global projects which require such certifications
  • It helps in retention of clients
  • It provides proper documentation controls fro the processing
  • It complies with statutory and regulatory requirements

An organization can conform to this international standard by various ways. An organization can make a self declaration and self determination or seek certification by an external organization. It can also ask an external party to conform its self declaration to demonstrate with this international standard.

At EURO Certification, you can be assured that proper care will be taken of all the requirements connected with this standard. Proper planning and analysis are emphasized for the best implementation of this standard. This certification plays a vital role in the shipping industry. A certified organization builds confidence among the stakeholders.