ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System




ISO 22000:2018 standard specifies all the requirements related to a Food Management System(FMS). It deals with food safety throughout the food chain including the step of final consumption. It ensures the safety of food from all types of hazards which makes it safe for human consumption. A framework of structured management system is required to operate this food safety system which ultimately brings best results for the organization. This standard includes the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles, and assists in controlling the food safety requirements on a global level.


Some of the key benefits of ISO 22000:2018 are:

  • Strengthen the image of an organization for its control over food safety hazards
  • Food control standards get the same consonant pattern globally
  • Provides a framework for third party certification
  • Overlapping system audits are avoided
  • Work for resource optimization
  • Better documentation

General requirements for the FMS includes:

  • Food safety hazards must be clearly identified and controlled ensuring a safe food supply
  • A proper communication channel required for sharing information related to the safety of products
  • A proper information flow required to transmit FMS related information throughout the organization
  • Latest information on food safety must be incorporated in the FMS to keep it updated
  • Proper documentation of food safety policy and related objectives
    Control of documents and records

An organization can seek certification by an external organization. However, it can also consider the option of self declaration regarding conformity to this international standard.