ISO 14001:2015 -Environmental management systems


ISO 14001:2015 is a standard dedicated to Environmental Management System(EMS). It defines major guidelines and polices which assist the organization to protect environment. It includes legal and other requirements which directly fits the identified environmental aspects. However, it excludes defining specific environmental performance criteria. The organization conforming to this standard must ensure that it is not damaging the environment in any possible manner.

Some significant elements of an Environmental Management System includes:

  • Proper definition of environmental aspects

  • Analyze all the important environmental impacts

  • Work towards removing all these impacts

  • Improve and enhance environmental performance

Some of the benefits of ISO 14001: 2015  includes:

  • Stronger stakeholder confidence

  • Improved image and credibility of the organization

  • Increased cost savings

  • Reduced customer audits

  • Increased process yields

  • Reduced energy consumption

The following are the basic and elementary requirements for the ISO 14001:2015:

  • A proper method to be followed and maintained to improve environmental management system

  • Top management must develop polices conforming to the standard

  • Identification of environmental aspects

  • A procedure to recognize the environmental legal and other requirements that can be featured in the Environmental Management System

  • A process to be defined for ensuring that the objectives and targets sync with the policy.

  • Roles and responsibility should be defined properly

  • Proper training must be imparted to ensure the implementation of all necessary EMS procedures

  • Effective procedures for internal and external communication

  • Documentation of the Environmental Management system

In order to implement this standard, the organization must fulfill all the requirements for it. It can be done by considering the implementation as a project. It helps to meet all the requirements for the ISO 14001:2015 standard in an organized manner.